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Välkommen att delta i Stockholms nyaste och häftigaste utomhusaktivitet

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Row, row, row the boat...

Welcome to participate in a rowingtour on the beautiful waters of central Stockholm.

Stockholm is built on islands. Everything is connected to each other by several bridges. To row in the middle of town with so much water, is a wonderful experience. It offers a very unique view of Stockholm !

We row in boats with fourteen seats, one oar for each person to keep in order. The boats are 12 meters long, handcrafted in wood and very stable. These rowingboats are very easy, and so much fun, to row! If you want, you can easily row them in good speed and get some exercise, or just cruise along at a pleasant pace.

If you are interested in having an unforgettable experience and a highly enjoyable trip on the beautiful waters of Stockholm, Call me or send me an e-mail !

Heikki Tukonen/Big Boat Rowing

Tel.+46-70-732 80 94